First LOTUS workshop

Room 108, Tower 45, Corridor 44-54 (1st floor) (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)

Room 108, Tower 45, Corridor 44-54 (1st floor)

Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France

LOTUS is an international research initiative endorsed by SPARCIO3C and WMO (GAW) that kicked off at the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium in 2016. LOTUS focuses on revisiting the estimates and understanding of Long-term Ozone Trends and Uncertainties in the Stratosphere, in preparation for the WMO/UNEP 2018 Ozone Assessment. More detailed information on LOTUS can be found at our main website.

LOTUS will hold its first workshop mid March 2017 in Paris, France. This invite-only workshop will be informal with selected scheduled oral presentations and with ample time for discussions in large or small groups.

Main objectives

  • Status update of the activities within the MIDI (production of time series) and ROAST working group (regression analyses of time series).
  • Discussion of first results, where to head next and planning of the remaining work.
  • Discussion and planning of LOTUS report.
  • Identification of open issues and scope of LOTUS.

We gratefully acknowledge the support by



Group picture

All slides & posters
  • Aleksandr Gruzdev
  • Alexandra Laeng
  • Birgit Hassler
  • Christos Zerefos
  • Corinne Vigouroux
  • Daan Hubert
  • Doug Degenstein
  • Eliane Maillard Barras
  • Fiona Tummon
  • Herman Smit
  • Irina Petropavlovskikh
  • Jeannette Wild
  • John Kapsomenkis
  • Justin Alsing
  • Kai-Lan Chang
  • Kaley Walker
  • Kleareti Tourpali
  • Lucien Froidevaux
  • Mark Weber
  • Massimo Valeri
  • Melanie Coldewey-Egbers
  • Michael Schwartz
  • Michelle Santee
  • Peter Braesicke
  • Robert Damadeo
  • Sophie Godin-Beekmann
  • Stacey Frith
  • Viktoria Sofieva
  • William Ball
  • Wolfgang Steinbrecht