STCE Annual Meeting 2017

Meridian room (Space Pole)

Meridian room

Space Pole

Ronald Van der Linden (STCE)


The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence annual meeting is a coming together of people working at the plateau to discover new things.

This year we want to highlight an international observation campaign that was intended to squeeze the last drop out of SUMER, an instrument onboard of the 21 years old (!) space weather satellite SOHO. The STCE contributed to this campaign. With the 'lucky imaging' trick, we got an amazing view of the solar surface.

And, hot of the press:  the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) is ready to be mounted on the Solar Orbiter satellite! More about it at the meeting.

We present also the 2017 Dark & Dusty tour. We will guide you through the catacomben of the BIRA, RMI and KSB revealing secret science that you never could think of. Flash lights are not necessary.

As tradition requires, we end with food. To have an estimate of the amount of food that we should foresee, please register. It's done in a sec.

We hope to welcome you on June 8!


Please, keep your morning cup for the coffee break.

  • Andrei Zhukov
  • André Chevalier
  • Bieke Decraemer
  • Bram Beeckman
  • Bram Bourgoignie
  • Caroline Kussé
  • Christian Conscience
  • Christophe Marqué
  • Cis Verbeeck
  • Dana Talpeanu
  • Danislav Sapundjiev
  • David Berghmans
  • David Bolsée
  • dieter poelman
  • Dominique Sluse
  • Elena Podladchikova
  • Elke D'Huys
  • Emil Kraaikamp
  • Eric Pottiaux
  • Erwin De Donder
  • Fabien Darrouzet
  • Gaël Cessateur
  • Geert De Sadelaer
  • Herbert Gunell
  • Hugo De Backer
  • Jan Janssens
  • Jasmina Magdalenic Zhukov
  • Johan De Keyser
  • Joseph Lemaire
  • Judith de Patoul
  • Julien Amand
  • Jurgen Vanhamel
  • Karolien Lefever
  • Koen Stegen
  • Lamy Hervé
  • Laurent Dolla
  • Le Binh San Pham
  • Lore Vermeylen
  • Luciano Rodriguez
  • Marie Dominique
  • Marilena Mierla
  • Mark Dierckxsens
  • Maryna Lukach
  • Neophytos Messios
  • Nevens Stijn
  • Nicolas Bergeot
  • Norma Crosby
  • O'Hara Jennifer
  • Paul Simon
  • Pepijn Cardoen
  • Pereira Nuno
  • Petra Vanlommel
  • Quentin Laffineur
  • Roeland Van Malderen
  • Ronald Van der Linden
  • Sarah Willems
  • Simon Chabrillat
  • Sophie Chabanski
  • Stan Stankov
  • Steven Dewitte
  • Sylvain Ranvier
  • Tobias Verhulst
  • Veerle De Bock
  • Veronique Delouille
  • Viviane Pierrard
  • Willem Verstraeten
  • Yuriy Voitenko