STCE 2016 annual meeting

Meridian room (Space Pole)

Meridian room

Space Pole

Ringlaan 3, B-1180 Brussels
Ronald Van der Linden (STCE)

Ten years ago, the Minister of Science Policy announced the foundation of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence (STCE). The STCE would lift the Sun-Space-Earth research to a higher level by uniting experts in the field. And the STCE would become an effective service centre for the government, citizens and industries vulnerable for the impact of solar activity. Ten years later, the STCE has indeed a leading role in this very specific knowledge-based economy, space technology and services. The STCE continues therefore to invest in people and science. We'll make a virtual trip in time and a non-virtual trip along people & highlights, literally and figuratively. To celebrate 10 years STCE, we throw a cake and lunch. It would help if we know how many people will join for the tour, cake and lunch. Simply click the button 'Apply here' below. Thanks!

Pictures: an impression 

  • Alexis Merlaud
  • Andrei Zhukov
  • André Chevalier
  • Antonio Martinez Picar
  • Bogdan Nicula
  • Bram Beeckman
  • Bram Bourgoignie
  • Carine Bruyninx
  • Christian Conscience
  • Christian Muller
  • Christophe Marqué
  • Cis Verbeeck
  • Danislav Sapundjiev
  • David Berghmans
  • David Bolsée
  • Eric Pottiaux
  • Erwin De Donder
  • Fabiana Da Pieve
  • Fabien Darrouzet
  • Frédéric Clette
  • Gaël Cessateur
  • Graciela Lopez Rosson
  • Herbert Gunell
  • Hugo De Backer
  • Ingolf Dammasch
  • Jan Janssens
  • Jasmina Magdalenic
  • Jean Claude Jodogne
  • Jesse Andries
  • Johan De Keyser
  • Julien Amand
  • Jurgen Vanhamel
  • Koen Stegen
  • Kris Borremans
  • Laure Lefevre
  • Laurence Wauters
  • Laurent Dolla
  • Ludo Schryvers
  • Maggiolo Romain
  • Marie Dominique
  • Mark Dierckxsens
  • Michel Kruglanski
  • Neophytos Messios
  • Nicolas Bergeot
  • Nicolas De Coster
  • Nicolas Ghilain
  • Nina Mateshvili
  • Norma Crosby
  • Nuno Pereira
  • Olivier Boulvin
  • Olivier Lemaitre
  • Petra Vanlommel
  • Praveen Pandey
  • Roeland Van Malderen
  • Ronald Van der Linden
  • Sarah Willems
  • Sergei Shestov
  • Sophie Chabanski
  • Stan Stankov
  • Stijn Nevens
  • Sylvain Ranvier
  • Tobias Verhulst
  • Veerle De Bock
  • Veronique Dehant
  • Veronique Delouille
  • Viviane Pierrard
  • Yuriy Voitenko