Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods II

Meridian Room (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

Meridian Room

Royal Observatory of Belgium

Avenue Circulaire - 3 - Ringlaan 1180 Brussels
Alain Hauchecorne, David Bolsée, Marie Dominique (ROB), Michel Rouzé, Mustapha MEFTAH, Rock Bush (Stanford University), Steven Dewitte

One year after the first meeting in Paris, the CNES, the LATMOS and the STCE are happy to invite you at the second edition of the meeting "Solar Metrology, Needs and Methods". This meeting is open to anyone involved in solar metrology and modelling. It intends to review the recent progresses in those two fields, to analyze the possibilities, but also the limitations of the current ground- or space-based observation facilities, and to discuss the major challenges for future missions. 

  • Abdanour Irbah
  • Alain Hauchecorne
  • Alexander Shapiro
  • Ali BenMoussa
  • André Chevalier
  • Andy Devos
  • Antonio Martinez Picar
  • Astrid Orr
  • Boris Giordanengo
  • Christian Conscience
  • Christian Muller
  • Costantino Sigismondi
  • David Bolsée
  • Emmanuel Dekemper
  • Gaël Cessateur
  • Gerard Thuillier
  • Ingolf Dammasch
  • Jean-François Hochedez
  • Jerome Bureau
  • Jesse Andries
  • Laure Lefevre
  • Laurence Wauters
  • Luc Dame
  • Luciano Rodriguez
  • Marie Dominique
  • Michel Rouzé
  • Mustapha Meftah
  • Nuno José Pereira
  • Patrick Boumier
  • Philippe Lamy
  • Praveen Pandey
  • Rock Bush
  • Samuel Gissot
  • slimane bekki
  • Steven Dewitte
  • Thanassis Katsiyannis
  • Véronique Delouille