2018 INSPIRE and Small Sat Workshop

Charpak room (Paris, France)

Charpak room

Paris, France

Pierre and Marie Curie campus Sorbonne University
Amal Chandran (Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)), Loren Chang (DSO (Taiwan)), Marie Dominique (ROB), Mike McGrath (LASP (USA)), Mustapha Meftah (LATMOS/Paris Saclay University (France)), Philippe Keckhut (LATMOS (France))


One year after the INSPIRE (International Satellite Program in Research and Education) meeting in Boulder (http://inspiresat.com/), the LASP and the LATMOS are happy to invite you to the INSPIRE Workshop (27-29 August) in Paris, France. This meeting is open to anyone involved in small satellites and space physics. It intends to review the recent progresses in those fields, to analyze the possibilities, but also the limitations of the current space-based observation facilities, and to discuss the major challenges for future missions. The workshop is followed by an optional two-days Training and Brainstorming Meeting on Small Sat. Projects (30-31 August).