PECASUS operator, level 1

Space Pole

Space Pole

Ringlaan 3, Brussels

This 0,5 day course is intended for PECASUS Operators to get acquainted with the STCE PECASUS system operated by the STCE. 

We will treat

  • PECASUS structures and tasks 
  • SWx for aviation
  • Triggers/parameters of advisories 
  • The dashboards: colour codes, when to phone, what can you expect from the STCE, ...


We meet in the directors' house on the plateau (see picture). If you are by car, you can park your car wherever there is place in the first part of the plateau. Not sure: just ask Kevin in the small building at the entrance. 

space pole - top view: main entranceentrance to the directors' house

Don't forget your mask and a pencil. Bring also your own cup and drinks. For those who wish, we will pass along the coffee machine during the break. 


We can't offer lunch, sorry.