Solar physics and Space Weather: history and introduction (1/5)

by Petra Vanlommel (STCE)

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The first of lecture in this series will describe the solar physics path to space weather and space weather services. The Royal Observatory of Belgium made its first solar observations mid 19th century. Since then, important milestones in the domain of solar physics research, space and ground based observations  were reached to become an important player in Solar Physics, Space Weather and related services. 

In a second part of this lecture, the basics of space weather will be introduced.  Space Weather is about sporadic and massive eruptions in very high-energy matter and radiation from the Sun which can have a pronounced impact on the Earth's magnetic environment and atmosphere.  As a response to these abrupt changes, satellite navigation, radio communication, radars, energy transport systems etc can be disrupted and even fail. 


This is an online course. Registration is free of charge but obliged. The course will be in English.  

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This series of lectures is set up in support of the newly established solar research group at the Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.


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Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence