11 June 2015
CET timezone

Points of Interest Tour

11 Jun 2015, 10:35
2h 25m


Ringlaan 3 B-1180 Brussels


You will be guided in group along some Points of Interest at the plateau: SDO Data center - Koen Stegen, Detector Lab - Samuel Gissot & Boris Giordanengo, Clean Room - Eddy Equeter, Meteor antenna - Hervé Lamy, 3D printer and machinery - Jeroen Maes, Electronics Lab and Engineering Realisations - Eddy Neefs & Sophie Berkenbosch, Solar Mechanics and Electronics - Jean-Luc Dufond, Aydin Ergen & Ghislain Rigo, meteo-measurements lab - Andre Chevalier & Christian Conscience, B.USOC - Michel Kruglanski. The STCE Executive Committee will guide you along these hidden pearls.

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