Third LOTUS workshop

FMI, Helsinki

FMI, Helsinki


LOTUS is an international research initiative endorsed by SPARCIO3C and WMO (GAW) that kicked off at the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium in 2016. LOTUS focuses on revisiting the estimates and understanding of Long-term Ozone Trends and Uncertainties in the Stratosphere, in support of the WMO/UNEP 2018 Ozone Assessment. The LOTUS report was accepted for publication in May 2018, completing the main objective of the first phase of the activity. More detailed information on LOTUS can be found at our main website.

LOTUS will hold its third workshop from Wed 27 May (AM) to Thu 28 Sep (PM) in Helsinki, Finland. This invite-only workshop will be informal with selected scheduled oral presentations and with ample time for discussions in large or small groups.

This LOTUS workshop will be held at FMI in conjunction with the 11th International Workshop on Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere (TRENDS 2020), running from Mon 25 through Fri 29 May.


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Group picture at our second workshop


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