PITHIA-NRF Third Workshop for Optimization of Observational Strategies (WOOS3)





PITHIA-NRF  stands for Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere Integrated Research Environment and Access services: a Network of Research Facilities. Project website

The Programme of the WOOS meeting can be found below.

The PITHIA Access Bureau is the driver behind the WOOS meetings with Dr Ingemar Häggström as Chair and the representative of the

  1. NOA node: Dr Ioanna Tsagouri, deputy: Anna Belehaki
  2. EISCAT node: Dr Anders Tjulin, deputy: Maria Mihalikova
  3. LOFAR node: Maaijke Mevius
  4. CBK/PAS node: Mariusz Pożoga
  5. SGO node: Marzieh Khansari
  6. UPS-IRAP node: Dr Pierre-Louis Blelly
  7. ROB-GNSS node: Dr Nicolas Bergeot, deputy: Jean-Marie Chevalier 
  8. UPC-IonSAT node: Manuel Hernández-Pajares
  9. OE node: David Altadill, deputy: Toni Segarra
  10. IAP node: Dalia Buresova
  11. INGV node: Claudio Cesaroni
  12. DLR-Neustrelitz node: Martin Kriegel

Registration for onsite participation closes from March 6 onwards. Registration for remote/online participation stays open. 

Onsite presenters:

Preferably, you can use your own laptop with HDMI connection to present.

Nevertheless, there is also the option to provide your presentation in pdf or pptx to me at the technical table in the auditorium, at the latest one hour before your presentation.
To onsite participants, when contributing to the discussion, please wait for the microphone. 

Online presenters:

Share your screen over zoom and put it in presentation or full-screen mode.



The Brussels Planetarium, Boechoutlaan 10, 1020 Brussels. Click on 'information and reservations'  to see how you can reach it. Book a nearby hotel through Booking.com .

Online: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85405064953?pwd=T1NTS3IzYmZOR1NnNUVTRG5xcm9wQT09


The Local Organising Committee: Nicolas Bergeot, Bram Bourgoignie, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Elke D'Huys, Tobias Verhulst, Petra Vanlommel 

Organised with support of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, Royal Meteorological Institute and the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence


  • Angeliki Thanasou
  • Anna Belehaki
  • Aurélie Marchaudon
  • Barbara Matyjasiak
  • Bram Bourgoignie
  • Dalia Buresova
  • Daniela Banyś
  • David Altadill
  • David Wenzel
  • Elke D'Huys
  • Emanuele Pica
  • Helena Ciechowska
  • Ingemar Häggström
  • Ioanna Tsagouri
  • Ivan Galkin
  • Jean-Marie Chevalier
  • Jurgen Watermann
  • Katarzyna Beser
  • Luca Spogli
  • Manuel Hernández-Pajares
  • Maria Mihalikova
  • Mariusz Pozoga
  • Marzieh Khansari
  • Olesia Charkina
  • Petra Vanlommel
  • Pietro Vermicelli
  • Tamas Kiss
  • Themistocles Herekakis
  • Tobias Verhulst
  • Toni Segarra
  • Victoria graffigna
  • Yin Chen
  • Łukasz Tomasik
The agenda of this meeting is empty