Space Weather Introductory Course

Royal Observatory of Belgium - Directors Building

Royal Observatory of Belgium - Directors Building

Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussel, Belgium
Elke D'Huys, Jan Janssens (STCE), Petra Vanlommel (STCE)


This course is intended as an entry course on Space Weather. It provides an elementary overview over the relevant aspects of space weather without invoking complicated background physics. The course is intended for meteorologists and space staff that will be providing Space Weather information to military and civilian end users.

The course takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with an online test the week after.


SWIC test and certificate

The SWIC test to obtain the certificate can be taken during the week following the SWIC on Wednesday, 14u or Thursday 14u. The test is online, no need to come over again. We will call all participants together on the zoom-platform for the test. 

The test takes max 90 min. 

Only participants that take the test, receive a certificate for the course.


The fee is 750 EUR. During registration you will be asked for the info needed to make an invoice. Note that the STCE doesn't charge VAT.

Fee reductions/waivers are available for priority user groups.

If your institute will send us a purchase order for your participation to the SWIC, please make sure that this purchase order contains the information: 'Participation of "YOUR NAME" to the SWIC'.

Payment can be made through bank transfer or by Paypal using this QR code:

Laptop or tablet

It is recommended that participants bring a laptop or tablet as it is helpful for the exercises and to check the presentations. 

Please install JHelioviewer beforhand on your laptop.

This is an organisation of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence