Dec 4 – 6, 2023
Royal Observatory of Belgium - Directors Building
Europe/Brussels timezone

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This is a course which is intended as an entry course on space weather, ionospheric weather and its impacts. The course brings together Radio research, GNSS, HF radio communication and ionospheric research and Space Weather Services .

It provides an elementary overview over the relevant aspects of space weather impacts without invoking complicated background physics. 

The working language is English.


The fee is 750 EUR. During registration you will be asked for the info needed to make an invoice. Note that the STCE doesn't charge VAT.

Fee waivers are available for priority user groups and for humanitairy organisation, e.g. Red Cross, Médicine sans frontieres.

If your institute will send us a purchase order for your participation to the SWIC, please make sure that this purchase order contains the information: 'Participation of "YOUR NAME" to the SWIC'.

Payment can be made through bank transfer or by Paypal using this QR code:

Laptop or tablet

It is recommended that participants bring a laptop or tablet as it is helpful to check the presentations. 

This is an organisation of the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence

Royal Observatory of Belgium - Directors Building
Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussel, Belgium
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The content focuses on Space Weather and the effects on man-made infrastructure and its functionality. 

We discuss solar eruptions of very high-energy matter and electromagnetic radiation which inject massive amounts of energy in the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere leading to pronounced impact on navigation, communication and energy transport.

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of waves, particles, vectors, scalar and vector fields, ...