On the relevance of radio observations of meteors from polar regions.

4 Dec 2017, 15:00
Meridian Room (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

Meridian Room

Royal Observatory of Belgium

Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels, Belgium


Dr Hervé Lamy (Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)


I will review the importance of carrying out radio or radar observations of meteors from South polar regions. From an astronomical point of view, totally different radiants can be observed than with radars at intermediate latitudes. From a space weather perspective, this provides complementary observations to build a more complete dust risk impact model. For atmospheric applications, measurements of the Doppler of meteor trails allow to estimate wind speeds in the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere, a region that cannot be accessed either via balloons or spacecraft. I will briefly discuss the possibilities and challenges of running a radar or a forward scatter system similar to BRAMS at or near the PES.

Primary author

Dr Hervé Lamy (Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)

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