25-26 March 2020
Europe/Brussels timezone

This workshop is postponed to a later date due to the corona-outbreak.

We are currently experiencing a renewed interest in the Moon.  Future exploration missions will pave the way for commercial exploitation of lunar resources like water and rare earth elements. Furthermore, the international space community sees the Moon as an intermediate step for expanding the human exploration of the solar system with Mars as the next target. All these activities are vulnerable to the radiation environment and the changing conditions caused by Space Weather. 

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together Belgian and international experts from different areas to discuss the impact of Space Weather on the Moon and its neighbourhood, with a focus on energetic particles.  A better characterisation of the lunar radiation environment would help mitigate hazardous effects on spacecraft components and protect future lunar-based assets.  More specifically, the objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Review the current scientific understanding of how Space Weather influences the energetic particle environment on the Moon and its vicinity.
  •  Discuss the development of models, simulations and tools to better characterise the lunar radiation environment. 
  • Address the provision of Space Weather services for supporting space missions to the Moon and the Lunar Gateway.
Registration for this event is currently open.