Solar physics and Space Weather: Proba-2 and Proba-3 (3/5)

by Dr Elke D'Huys (Royal Observatory of Belgium), Marie Dominique (ROB), Andrei Zhukov




This third edition of our lecture series will highlight the PROBA missions the STCE is involved in, with lectures of the principal investigators of the instruments on board.

PROBA-2 is a technological demonstration mission that carries 2 solar observation instruments: radiometer LYRA and EUV-telescope SWAP. Both instruments provide near-continuous observations of the solar activity and are used for space weather monitoring and predictions.

The next mission, PROBA-3, is scheduled to launch in September 2024. It is a demonstration mission for highly-precise satellite formation flying. Two spacecraft will together create an artificial solar eclipse, allowing us to study the solar atmosphere lower down than ever before from space, closing the gap between traditional EUV imagers and coronagraphs. 


This is an online course. Registration is free of charge but obliged. The course will be in English.  

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This series of lectures is set up in support of the newly established solar research group at the Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia.


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Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence