Apr 26 – 27, 2016
Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
Europe/Brussels timezone
<a href="https://events.oma.be/indico/event/19/">Next Event: 2nd COST ES1206 sub-WG Workshop on Data Homogenisation in Warsaw, Poland, 23-25 January 2017</a>

Scientific Program

The scientific program is organized in 6 sessions listed below and are opened for contribution.
  • Opening Sessions

  • Technical Session on Homogenization Algorithms

    Contribution from each participant who can give details about the use of such algorithms

  • Homogenisation : Status and Expectations of Individual Work

    Comparison of detected breakpoints and homogenized datasets

  • Noise and Signals in the time series

    Studying the noise and the signal in the time series would be valuable to the reconstruction of the homogenized dataset.

  • Generation of synthetic dataset(s)

    Should we use a synthetic dataset to test the different detection and homogenization algorithms?

  • Future Plans and Outcome of our Activities

  • Expertise from Previous and Ongoing Homogenisation Activities (Invited Expert)