Oct 17 – 19, 2016
Victoria (BC), Canada
Canada/Pacific timezone


Get the pdf of the (DA and S-RIP) agenda here.

Monday, October 17, 2016: SPARC DA workshop 

0830-0900   Arrival, registration, coffee and muffins

0900-0920   James Anstey and Quentin Errera: Greetings and Introduction

Theme - Representation of the stratosphere-mesosphere in models and analyses

Chair: Simon Chabrillat and TBD

0920-1005   David Kuhl (invited): Middle Atmosphere Operational Data Assimilation with the Use of Ensembles

1005-1035   John McCormack: Analysis and Validation of Winds from High Altitude Meteorological Analyses during Northern Hemisphere winters of 2009-2010 and 2012-2013

1035-1105   BREAK

1105-1135   Steven Eckermann: Modification and Application of the Navy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM) to Generate High-Altitude (0-100 km) Global Atmospheric Reanalyses of the 2014 Austral Winter for the Deep Propagating Gravity Wave Experiment (DEEPWAVE)

1135-1205   Quentin Errera: Evaluation of the BASCOE CTM using data assimilation

1205-1235   Yvan Orsolini: Energetic Particle Precipitation In The Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere In WACCM

1235-1345   LUNCH

1345-1430   Martin Charron (invited & remotely): Recent developments on the Canadian GEM weather prediction model: grid, transport, and interactive ozone

1430-1450   All: Discussion around the theme (led by Simon Chabrillat)

Theme - Future directions (instruments, modelling, DA methods)

Chair: John McCormack

1450-1535   Nick Pedatella (invited): Ensemble Data Assimilation in the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model

1535-1605   BREAK

1605-1650   Emmanuel Dekemper (invited): The ALTIUS mission: status and expected performance of O3, NO2 and aerosols limb measurements

1650-1720   Moudi Igri: Main weather associated with ITCZ position as simulated by WRF-3DVar data assimilation system over West and Central Africa

1720-1740   All: Discussion around the theme (led by John McCormack)

1740            Adjourn


Tuesday, October 18, 2016: SPARC DA workshop

0830-0900   Arrival, registration, coffee and muffins

Theme - Harmonization of long-term data record and bias correction in data assimilation

Chair: Kris Wargan

0900-0945   David Plummer (invited): The use of re-analysis datasets to constrain the atmospheric dynamics in long-term chemistry-climate simulations

0945-1015   Gloria Manney: The MUSTARD project

1015-1045   Gabi Stiller (invited): The SPARC WAter Vapour ASsessment (WAVAS) activity, phase II: Overview and status

1045-1115   BREAK

1115-1200   Thomas von Clarmann (invited): The TUNER project (Towards Unified Error Propagation)

1200-1220   All: Discussion around the theme  (led by Kris Wargan)

1220-1240   Quentin Errera: Discussion on future directions of SPARC DAWG, next yearÕs workshop, etc.

1240            Adjourn


Wednesday, October 19, 2016: SPARC DA/S-RIP joint session

0830-0900   Arrival, registration, coffee and muffins

0900-0905   James Anstey: Welcome, Local Info

Chair: Quentin Errera

0905-0920   Masatomo Fujiwara: Greetings and S-RIP Introduction

0920-0950   Jonathon Wright (invited): Chapter 2 + ACP special issue + S-RIP 2016 Report Status

0950-1020   Craig Long (invited): Chapter 3 summary

1020-1030   All: Chapter 3 Discussion (led by Craig Long)

1030-1115   POSTERS

Chair: Masatomo Fujiwara

1115-1145   Sean Davis (invited): Chapter 4 summary

1145-1155   All: Chapter 4 Discussion (led by Sean Davis)

1155-1220   Kris Wargan (invited): NASA updates

1220-1245   Rosana Dragani (invited): ECMWF updates

1245-1415   GROUP PHOTO & LUNCH

Chair: Gloria Manney

1415-1440   Craig Long (invited): NOAA updates

1440-1505   Yayoi Harada (invited): JRA updates

1505-1525   Toshiki Iwasaki: Impacts of low-level polar cold air outbreaks on Brewer-Dobson circulations

1525-1555   Paul Konopka (invited): How robust are stratospheric H2O trends derived from different re-analysis products?

1555-1625   BREAK

Chair: Lesley Grey

1625-1645   Thomas von Clarmann: Another Approach to the Brewer-Dobson Circulation: The Direct Inversion of the Continuity Equation

1645-1705   Tianbao Zhao: Evaluation of atmospheric precipitable water from reanalysis products using homogenized radiosonde observations over China

1705-1735   Tao Wang (invited): Lagrangian cold point temperatures and transit time inferred from a forward trajectory model

1735-1805   Peter Hitchcock (invited): Evaluating reanalyses prior to 1979 for studies of stratosphere-troposphere coupling

18:05           Adjourn  & Workshop Dinner



Poster boards will be available during the whole week and we invite participants to display their poster during their stay.

The poster session will be held on Wednesday during the morning break.


Sean Davis: The Stratospheric Water and Ozone Satellite Homogenized (SWOOSH) database: A long-term database for climate studies

Chiaki Kobayashi: Changes in the Brewer-Dobson Circulation in JRA-55

Zachary Lawrence: Using CAVE-ART to characterize and track the evolution of stratospheric polar vortices

Shunsuke Noguchi: On the Reproducibility of the September 2002 Vortex Splitting Event in the Antarctic Stratosphere Achieved by Conventional Observations Only

Kazutoshi Sagi (presented by Yvan Orsolini): Two mechanisms of stratospheric ozone loss in the Northern hemisphere, studied using data assimilation of Odin/SMR atmospheric observations

Takatoshi Sakazaki: Radiative inconsistency in the extra-tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere due to water vapor seen in chemistry climate models

Jingwei Liu: Verification and evaluation of the preliminary experimental Chinese reanalysis products

Yvan Orsolini: Duration and decay of extreme vortex events in the polar stratosphere: comparison of the ECMWF seasonal forecast model with re-analyses