Space Weather Introductory Course - Online

online - zoom platform

online - zoom platform

Elke D'Huys (STCE), Jan Janssens (STCE), Petra Vanlommel (STCE)

This course is intended as an entry course on Space Weather. It provides an elementary overview over the relevant aspects of space weather without invoking complicated background physics. The course is intended for meteorologists and space staff that will be providing Space Weather information to military and civilian end users.

The course takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday, we take a day off.


The test to obtain the certificate can be taken during the week following the SWIC on Thursday, 14u or Friday 14u. If a participant can't make it on the proposed times, we will look together for another moment. The test takes max 90 min. 

Only participants that take the test, receive a certificate for the course.


The fee is 600 EUR. We will contact you personally to get the info needed to make the invoice. Note that the STCE doesn't charge VAT.

Fee reductions/waivers are available for priority user groups.