Jun 19 – 20, 2023
Royal Meteorological Institute & Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Europe/Brussels timezone

The 2023 AMIGO Workshop, aimed towards PhD students and early-career researchers, focuses on the modeling of atmospheric chemistry, data assimilation, inverse modeling and model evaluation.

The goal of the AMIGO (Analysis of eMIssions usinG Observations) project of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) project is to organize the international scientific community around syntheses of research using observations-based analysis techniques that aim to better quantify emissions for a variety of trace gases and at different spatio-temporal scales.

In the workshop, attendees will learn to:

- improve their knowledge ao atmospheric chemistry modeling,

- understand the basis of data assimilation techniques,

- better understand the results of inverse techniques,

- become familiar with the use of satellite data to analyze the composition of the atmosphere, and

- better understand how emissions of atmospheric compounds are estimated.

This workshop precedes the 20th GEIA (Global Emissions InitiAtive) Conference, which will take place in Brussels on 21-23 June 2023. The selection of the applications for the workshop will give priority to the applicants who will attend the GEIA conference and have sent an abstract to the GEIA conference, at geiacenter.org.


The workshop takes place at the Royal Meteorological Institute & Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy in Uccle, a leafy suburb of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. This workshop is in-person only; virtual attendance is not possible.

Organizing Committee: Jenny Stavrakou, Ave Arellano, Claire Granier
Local organizers: Yasmine Sfendla, Jenny Stavrakou

Royal Meteorological Institute & Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Ringlaan 3 1180 Brussels Belgium
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