Oct 9 – 12, 2018
Royal Observatory of Belgium
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Ground-based photometric survey to search for the pulsational variability in Ap and Am Stars

Oct 12, 2018, 11:50 AM
Meridian Room (Royal Observatory of Belgium)

Meridian Room

Royal Observatory of Belgium

Ringlaan 3, 1180 Brussels, Belgium
Contributed Talk 3.2. Data & Science with other telescopes of interest 3. Data & Science with other telescopes of interest


Dr Santosh Joshi (ARIES, Nainital)


A survey project called the “Nainital-Cape Survey” was started in the late 1990s with the aim to search and study pulsation in Ap & Am stars using the observing facilities from Nainital and Cape Town. This ongoing survey programme has monitored so far more than 350 stars and has discovered pulsation variability in one roAp and seven Delta Scuti stars. Recently, we obtained time-series PMT observations of five new Ap stars from the 0.5-m telescope at the South African Astronomical Observatory. Analysis of our data shows that none of the these sample exhibit photometric variability, hence classified as null results. The follow-up time-series CCD photometric observations of two Delta Scuti stars, namely, HD13038 and HD13079 were carried out from 1.04-m and 1.3-m telescope of the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital. The differential photometry of the star HD13038 gives a strong evidence of a new periodicity of 84.98 min. Similarly, in HD13079, we found the pulsation period of 73.8 min and 72.9 min on two different nights. Those are almost consistent to the previously reported values. In this talk, I will give a brief summary of the present status of the Nainital-Cape survey project along with the current activities.

Primary author

Dr Santosh Joshi (ARIES, Nainital)


Dr Bruno Letarte (North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, South Africa) Mr Daniel Nhalpo (North-West University, Mafikeng Campus, South Africa)) Dr Nand Kumar Chakradhari (School of Studies in Physics and Astrophysics, Pt Ravishankar Shukla University, 492 010 Raipur, India)

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