Oct 9 – 12, 2018
Royal Observatory of Belgium
UTC timezone
<br>2nd BINA Workshop<br><br>BINA as an expanding international collaboration<P><img src="https://events.oma.be/indico/event/48/picture/0.jpg" width="279" height="75">



The first authors of presentations (both oral and poster presentations) are invited to submit a manuscript for the proceedings of this workshop. They will be published in the Bulletin of Liège Royal Society of Sciences (an open-access, peer-reviewed journal).

General guidelines

This tarball contains the adequate latex template to be used to prepare the papers for the proceedings of the 2st BINA workshop.
- Please do not change the general layout of the template.
- There is a recommended page limit of 4, 8, and 12 pages for proceedings articles of posters, contributed talks, and invited talks.
- All names in the author list should be written as full first name(s) + full surname (e.g. "Peter De Cat")
- Bibliographic references should appear as in the examples inserted in the template (see also 'Guidelines for citations and references list' below).
- All figures should be in pdf format. Figures from previous publications can be used only with the permission of the editorial committee of the original publication. In this case, the caption of the re-used figure should contain the following words: "Taken from ???? with permission" (or any equivalent formulation).
- The manuscripts should be compiled using "pdflatex".

The pdf file should be submitted before January 31, 2019 to the editorial committee of the 2nd BINA workshop by sending it by e-mail to Peter De Cat who will forward it to the guest editor of the subsection of your presentation. The guest editors will appoint referees for the submitted papers.

Once accepted, the manuscripts, including the latex file and the figures in pdf format, will be sent to Michaël De Becker, who will take care of the final minor editing (if needed).

Once published, all proceedings papers will be entered into the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) to ease their accessibility to the international scientific community.

Guidelines for citations and reference list

Citations in the text

For citations between brackets:
- no brackets around the publication year,
- no comma before the publication year.
e.g. "(De Cat 2018)"

For references with 2 authors, put "&" between the last names of the two authors
e.g. "De Cat & De Becker (2018)" and "(De Cat & De Becker 2018)"

For references with more than 2 authors, use the last name of the first author in combination with "et al."
e.g. "De Cat et al. (2018)" and "(De Cat et al. 2018)"

Reference list

The reference list should contain all the references cited in the text, ordered alphabetically by surname (with initials following). If there are several references to the same first author, they should be entered according to the following scheme:

  • One author: chronologically
  • Author, one co-author: alphabetically by co-author, then chronologically
  • Author, two or more co-authors: chronologically.

For papers that have more than five authors, only the first three should be given, followed by "et al.".

Extra guidelines:
- structure of reference: author(s) + publication year + journal + volume number + starting page,
- author(s): surname before initial(s) of the first name(s),
- no comma between the surname and the initial(s) of the first name(s) of any authors,
- use comma as separator between authors (not ";"),
- no "&" before the last author,
- no comma before the publication year,
- no comma before "et al.",
- please use the standard journal acronyms as given in the file 'JournalAcronyms.txt' contained in this tarball