Oct 14 – 18, 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Travel information

Travel Information

How to reach Brussels

By plane

The closest airport is Brussels Airport, also called Brussel Nationaal/Bruxelles-National. It has a good train connection to the main Brussels railway stations.
Somewhat further away is Brussels South Charleroi Airport, also called Charleroi Airport. It is used by low-cost airlines. You need to take a bus or a combo of bus and train to get to Brussels.

By train

High-speed trains connect Brussels to various European cities. Check here for details.

For more detailed information consult the website of the Observatory.

How to reach the Royal Observatory of Belgium

From Brussels Airport

By public transport:

  • take a train to Brussels South station (20-30 minutes journey; 8.80 €) and follow description below
  • take a train to Sint-Job/Saint-Job (30-40 minutes journey; 8.80 €),
    go to bus stop "Station Sint-Job/Saint-Job" (Jean en Pierre Carsoellaan/Avenue Jean et Pierre Carsoel), take bus 60 (direction Ambiorix) and get off at bus stop "Observatoire-Sterrenwacht" (~3 minutes journey)

By taxi:

  • 30 minutes journey (between 50 € and 90 €)

From Brussels South station (Dutch: Brussel-Zuid, French : Bruxelles-Midi)

By public transport:

  • take tram 4 (direction Stalle) and get off at tram stop "Helden/Héros"
  • go to bus stop "Héros/Helden" (De Frélaan/Avenue de Fré), take bus 43 (direction Observatoire/Sterrenwacht) and get off at final stop "Observatoire/Sterrenwacht"
    (~30-35 minutes journey)

By taxi:

  • 20 minutes journey (about 20 €)

Useful links

Click here to book a taxi.
Click here for time tables of trains.
Click here for time tables of metro's (M), trams (T), and busses (B) within Brussels.