14-16 October 2015
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
Europe/Paris timezone

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Quentin Errera, Masatomo Fujiwara: Introduction to SPARC-DA and S-RIP, joint session, poster intro

Theme 1: S-RIP/SPARC-DA joint session on reanalysis

Theme 2: Harmonization of long term data record and bias correction in data assimilation

Theme 3: On the added value of chemical data assimilation of upper tropospheric and stratospheric measurements

Theme 4: Representation of the stratosphere-mesosphere in model and analysis

Posters: (only few pdf available)

  • Marta Abalos: Interannual variability of effective diffusivity in ERA-Interim (1980-2012)
  • Marta Abalos: Evaluating the advective Brewer-Dobson circulation in three reanalyses for the period 1979-2012
  • Peter Hitchcock: Evaluating pre-1979 polar-cap variability
  • Yoshio Kawatani: Comparison of zonal wind in the equatorial stratosphere among several reanalysis data
  • Chiaki Kobayashi: Comparison of the tropospheric circulations among the JRA-55 family members
  • Paul Konopka: How robust are stratospheric H2O trends derived from different re-analysis products?
  • Patrick Martineau: Dynamical consistency of reanalysis data sets in the extratropical stratosphere
  • Aurélien Podglajen: Comparison of vertical velocities in the lower stratosphere between different reanalyses and long-duration stratospheric balloon observations
  • Takatoshi Sakazaki: Diurnal tides in reanalysis data sets
  • Ann'Sophie Tissier: Transport across the tropical tropopause layer and convection
  • Xiaoyi Sun: A Preliminary Intercomparison of Reanalysis Cloud Variables in the Tropical Upper Troposphere and Tropopause Layer
  • Krzysztof Wargan: Validation of the MERRA-2 ozone product
  • Jonathon Wright: Effects of Madden–Julian Oscillation Propagation Characteristics on Stratospheric Water Vapor Entry Mixing Ratio