10:00 - 12:30 Central European Time

1.       Welcome (CNES/EUMETSAT)


2.       CO2M Cal/Val planning and objectives / scope of the workshop

3.       A database for continuous cal/val and monitoring of CO2M products (CO2M Cal/Val study)

4.    Computation of overpass statistics and stations footprint quantifying the sensitivity of measurements w.r.t. emissions

5.       Quantification of satellite product uncertainties and their dependencies on influencing parameters at stations

6.       Web-interface linking station database, inventories of global and regions emitters, satellite and model data products. Displaying the data and comparisons, visualization of the overpass statistics and other parameters within the vicinity and/or footprint of the ground based stations


7.       Overview of the dedicated science study support for MicroCarb product validation and monitoring

8.       MAGIC initiative and future plans

12:30 – 14:00 Central European Time

Lunch break

14:00 – 16:00 Central European Time

Open discussion on analysis and tools

9.       Discussion on application / usefulness of the CO2M study tools for related satellite missions and studies 

Open discussion on network status and evolution

10.   Intent/Resources to support analysis, network and Cal/Val strategy evolution

11.   Discussion on current and future ground based network design evolutions


Tools that can be offered to the community

1.       Station database on OPeNDAP 

2.       Overpass statistic

3.       Station footprints

4.       Station colocation bias impact – area optimisation

5.       Regular remodelling of overpass statistics and impact

6.       Visualisation based on GeoServer ( for SAT L3, Emission database and station database, overpass statistics …