Jun 12 – 16, 2023
Radisson Blu Balmoral Hotel, Spa
Europe/Brussels timezone


TCCON Meeting
June 12, 2023

9:10 AM 15 TCCON Welcome Debra Wunch
9:25 AM 20 Analysis of the sources influencing ground-based observations of CO2, CO and CH4 at Xianghe, China using WRF-GHG Sieglinde Callewaert
9:45 AM 15 Using High Arctic TCCON Stations to Validate Modelled Carbon Monoxide and Methane Erin McGee
10:00 AM 15 Temporal variation and seasonal trends of greenhouse gases from ground-based FTIR measurements at Hefei site, China Changgong Shan
10:15 AM 15 How well does OCO-2 capture the true seasonal cycle of carbon dioxide? Matthäus Kiel
10:30 30 BREAK
11:00 20 GGG Updates Geoff Toon
11:20 15 Garmisch positive dip update Ralf Sussmann
11:35 15 Improvements to the GGG2020 carbonyl sulphide prior profile at the East Trout Lake TCCON station Liz Cunningham
11:50 15 TCCON extension to lower wavenumbers / InGaAs-InSb setup and first mid-infrared retrievals from the sites Bremen, Nicosia and Orleans Christof Petri
12:05 25 A roadmap for GGG2020.1 and GGG202X Joshua Laughner
12:30 60 LUNCH
13:30 15 Status of GOSAT and GOSAT-2 observations and validations 2023 Isamu Morino
13:45 20 FRM4GHG-2, an ESA project to measure greenhouse gases and beyond, also with low resolution spectrometer. Progress during phase II Justus Notholt
14:05 20 ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor Validation concept and Fiducial Reference Measurement activities, including COCCON, NDACC, TCCON Angelika Dehn
14:25 15 Progress in GOSAT-GW Hirofumi Ohyama
14:40 20 Overview of Cal/Val plans for CO2M Bojan Bojkov
15:00 20 MicroCarb update and validation needs Denis Jouglet
3:30 PM 30 BREAK




TCCON/COCCON Joint Meeting
June 13, 2023
9:00 15 New sites at Porto Velho, Brazil, and Kolkata, India Mahesh Kumar Sha
9:15 15 TCCON Nicosia site update Constantina Rousogenous
9:30 15 Can we see the impact of Indigenous burning practices from the Darwin TCCON site? Clare Paton-Walsh
9:45 15 Long-term variability characteristics of FTS Spectra at Anmyeondo, Korea Young-Suk Oh
10:00 25 Solar FTS measurements with a fibre optic coupled suntracker: side by side comparisons with EM27/SUN, TCCON and Aircore measurements David Griffith
10:30 30 BREAK
11:00 15 Australian AirCore Nicholas Deutscher
11:15 5 Welcome to COCCON & EM27/SUN session Frank Hase
11:20 20 GGG2020 Retrievals of the EM27/SUNs and comparisons with TCCON and satellite retrievals Nasrin Mostafavi Pak
11:40 15 COCCON data processing: PROFFAST Ver 2.0 Frank Hase
11:55 20 Extended preprocessing tool for COCCON Frank Hase
12:15 15 Calibration of PROFFAST 2 and comparison with TCCON-KA and TCCON-SO Benedikt Herkommer
12:30 60 LUNCH
13:30 15 PROFFASTpylot: Realizing an operational workflow for PROFFAST2 Lena Feld
13:45 15 GHG observations at the COCCON Tsukuba site Matthias Max Frey
14:00 15 Methane Observation Study in Coal Mine Aggregation Areas in China Qiansi Tu
14:15 20 COCCON activities during the La Palma volcano eruption: gases and aerosols observations Noemie Taquet/Omaira Garcia
14:35 15 Carbon monoxide distribution in Mexico City: Comparison of ground and space based measurements. Wolfgang Stremme
14:50 20 Total greenhouse gases column measurements in the Paris region Josselin DOC
15:10 20 The COCCON Travel Standard. Results from Tsukuba, ETL and Wollongong Benedikt Herkommer
15:30 30 BREAK
16:00 45 Wrap up discussion Tuesday TCCON / COCCON talks all
16:45 5 Lightning talks for posters for those not in attendance Saswati Das
16:50 70 Joint TCCON/COCCON Poster Session


#1 Saga, Japan site report 2023 Kei Shiomi
#2 Inferring the vertical distribution of CO and CO2 from TCCON total column values using the TARDISS algorithm Josh Laughner
#3 Status of the Burgos TCCON site 2023 Isamu Morino
#4 TCCON Station Update for NASA Armstrong Site Laura Iraci
#5 ITCZ migration and atmospheric trace gases at the Burgos TCCON site Isamu Morino
#6 Harwell TCCON site: updates and on-going projects Damien Weidmann
#7 Investigating XCH4 over New Zealand Dave Pollard
#8 FTS and AirCore observations at Sodankylä, Finland Rigel Kivi
#9 COCCON-Spain: Towards an Integrated Greenhouse Gas Observation System in Spain Omaira García
#10 Overview ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) activities Frank Hase
#11 Performance of the broad band KBR T304/2 for TCCON and NDACC measurements Mathias Palm, Matthias Buschmann
#12 Analysis of Satellite-based XCO2 measurements from OCO-2 against Ground-based TCCON and COCCON measurements Saswati Das
#13 Status of the Tsukuba TCCON and COCCON site and the Rikubetsu TCCON site 2023 Isamu Morino
#14 Several EM27/SUN GHG measurement campaigns carried out in China Minqiang Zhou
#15 Overview of the TCCON and COCCON research activities at the Paris site Té
#16 Greenhouse gas measurements in Mexico Michel Grutter
#17 Assessment of TROPOMI and GOSAT CH4 at northern high latitudes using TCCON and COCCON measurements Tomi Karppinen
#18 A live preview tool to estimate detector non-linearity Matthias Buschmann
#19 Urban and tropical EM27/SUN network for satellite validations, observations and verification of greenhouse gas emissions Morgan Lopez
#20 Analyzing greenhouse gas emissions characteristics using the COllaborative Carbon Column Observing Network (COCCON) Jonghyuk Lee
#21 Greenhouse Gas Observation Using Mobile FTIR in Korea Jeongsoon Lee
#22 Comparing AirCore and EM27s during the 2022 Broken Hill campaign Dave Pollard
#23 First analysis of greenhouse gas observations in Seoul using portable ground-based spectrometers Hayoung Park
#24 Progress towards GEMINI-UK: a national network of ground-based spectrometers to measure column concentrations of GHGs over UK Neil Humpage
#25 CH4 from landfill in Mexico City Luis Hernandez Gutierrez


June 14, 2023

Clock Start Time Talk Duration Presenter Name Audience Presentation Title Type
Wednesday: All Groups
9:00 0:20 Matthias Max Frey Science Anthropogenic CO2 emission estimates in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area from ground-based CO2 column observations Oral
9:20 0:15 Wolfgang Stremme Science Carbon monoxide distribution in Mexico City: Comparison of ground and space based measurements. Oral
9:35 0:20 Jamal Makkor Science Digitization and use of historical spectra from 1950/51 for the retrieval of various trace gases from the Jungfraujoch site Oral
9:55 0:10 Ralf Sussmann Admin Garmisch and Zugspitze site news Oral
10:05 0:15 Matthias Max Frey Science EM27/SUN observations in the Atacama desert Oral
10:20 0:40 Coffee
IRWG 11:00 0:15 Jim & Manu Admin Welcome / Report for the NDACC Steering Committee Oral
11:15 0:05 Manu Mahieu Admin Ste Report U Liege: Jungfraujoch Oral
11:15 0:15 Isao Murata Admin Site Report NIES: Tsukuba Oral
11:30 0:10 Johan Mellqvist Admin Site Reports U Chalmers: Harestua & Onsala Oral
11:40 0:10 Tomoo Nagahama Admin Site Report U Nagoya: Rikubetsu Oral
11:50 0:10 Thomas Blumenstock Admin Site Report KIT: Kiruna Oral
12:00 0:10 Omaira Garcia Admin Site Report: AEMET: Izana Oral
12:10 0:15 Filip Desmet Admin Site Reports BIRA-IASB: MAIDO & Porto Vehlo Oral
12:25 01:00 Lunch
13:25 0:50 Gregor Surawicz Admin Update from Bruker Optics & Discussion Oral
14:15 0:15 Hideaki Nakajima Admin Previous Meetings Revisited Oral
14:30 0:10 co-chairs / All Admin Discussion of next meeting Oral
14:40 0:10 Wolfgang Stremme Admin Site Report UNAM: Altzomoni Oral
14:50 0:10 Nicholas Jones Admin Site Report U Wollongong: Wollongong Oral
15:00 0:15 Jim Hannigan Admin Site Reports NCAR: Thule, Mauna Loa, Boulder Oral
15:15 0:15 Justus Notholt Admin Site Reports U Bremen: Ny Alesund, Bremen, Paramiribo, Palau Oral
15:30 0:30 Tea
16:00 1:00 Jeannette Wild Admin Update on NDACC IRWG Archive / Website + Online
17:00 1:00 All Poster Session
Wednesday Adjourn 18:00




June 15, 2023

Clock Start Time Talk Duration Presenter Name Audience Presentation Title Type
9:00 0:10 Dan Smale Admin Site Reports Lauder: Arrival Heights, Lauder Online
9:10 0:20 Kimberly Strong Admin Site Reports U Toronto: Toronto & Eureka Oral
9:30 0:25 Wei Wang Admin FTIR observations of atmospheric trace gases at the Hefei site Oral
9:55 0:10 Bavo Langerock Group Update on NDACC Engagement with Copernicus CAMS Effort Oral
10:05 0:10 Jim Hannigan Group Update on N2O & HBr Cells Oral
10:15 0:20 Mathias Palm Group SFIT4 update Oral
10:35 0:25 Coffee
11:00 0:15 Bavo Langerock Group ACTRIS Central Facility: Overview of key services for the NDACC community Oral
11:15 0:20 Minqiang Zhou Group Updates about the HCFC-22 FTIR harmonized retrieval study Oral
11:35 0:15 Manu Mahieu Group Gobal C2H6 Trends from NDACC FTIR Oral
11:50 0:20 Corinne Vigouroux Group The NDACC FTIR contribution to the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR-II): ozone and precursors Oral
12:10 0:20 Ivan Ortega Science Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns and Natural Variability on O3, CO, C2H2, H2CO, and C2H6: Insights from Multiple Ground-Based FTIR Observations and Model Simulations in 2020 Oral
12:30 01:00 Lunch
13:30 0:15 Beatriz A H Gutierrez Science Variability and trends of ammonia from urban and remote ground-based FTIR measurements globally distributed Oral
13:45 0:20 Irene Pardo Cantos Science First HFC-134a retrievals and analysis of long-term trends from FTIR solar spectra above the Jungfraujoch station. Oral
14:05 0:25 Tyler Wizenberg Science Investigating Tropospheric Pollutant Trends in the High Arctic Region Oral
14:30 0:15 Samuel Takele Kenea Science Expanding GHG observations network in Korea for improving anthropogenic CO2 emissions at high spatiotemporal scales Oral
14:45 0:15 Victoria Flood Science Evaluating modelled short-lived climate forcers in the Arctic troposphere using ground-based remote sensing measurements Oral
15:00 0:25 Justus Notholt Science Beyond trace gas retrievels, what can be done with line-by-line codes: Increasing CH4 leeds to a warming in the Antarctic troposphere. Oral
15:25 0:05 Aldona Wiacek Science Open-Path FTIR to measure air-sea flux of N2O Online
15:30 0:30 Tea
16:00 0:20 Xiaoyu Sun Science Atmospheric Ozone and CO measurements by FTIR at Koror, Palau (7.34°N, 134.47°W) Oral
16:20 0:15 Joseph Hung Science Year-round trace gas observations from infrared emission spectroscopy in Eureka, Nunavut from 2008 to 2022 Oral
16:35 0:20 Enrico Dammers Group An update of the FTIR-NH3 record and validation of CrIS, IASI and GOSAT-NH3 products Oral
16:55 1:05 All Poster Session
Thursday Adjourn 18:00



June 16, 2023

Clock Start Time Talk Duration Presenter Name Audience Presentation Title Type
9:00 0:10 Jim Hannigan Group Discussion of IRWG version 7 of WACCM a priori Oral
9:10 0:10 Bavo Langerock Group Review of New HDF file, versioning Oral
9:20 0:10 Manu Mahieu Group Introduction / Status Retrieval Parameter Effort Oral
9:30 0:20 Robin Björklund Group Updates on the O3 retrieval strategy Oral
9:50 0:10 Manu, Ivan Group Retrieval Parameters : CO / C2H6 Oral
10:00 0:10 Manu, Dan, Tyler, Mathias Group Retrieval Parameters : HCl / HF / ClONO2 / HNO3 Oral
10:10 0:10 Ivan, ? Group Retrieval Parameters : HCN / OCS Oral
10:20 0:10 Ivan, ? Group Retrieval Parameters : N2O / CH4 Oral
10:30 0:30 Coffee
11:00 0:10 Jim, Manu Admin co-chair vote Oral
11:10 0:10 Volunteer Group Retrieval Parameters : H2CO Oral
11:20 1:00 co-chairs Group Open Discussion of Line parameters, IRWG V7 a priori, Retrieval Constraints Oral
12:20 0:10 Mahesh, Manu, Jim Group Wrap-up, Meeting Adjorn Oral
12:30 01:00 Lunch
Meeting Adjourn 13:30



#26 A new urban observation site in Nagoya, Japan Tomoo Nagahama
#27 Plans for analysis of ozone recovery in the Arctic Robin Björklund
#28 Retrieval of methane isotopes at 3 and 8 micron regions from the spectra observed at Tsukuba, Japan Isao Murata
#29 Exploring Connections Between Emergency Room Visits for Cardiorespiratory Diseases and CO from Wildfires Victoria Flood
#30 A Decadal Analysis of Cloud Microphysics in Eureka, Nunavut Joseph Hung
#31 Long-term variation of isoprene column amount measured with high-resolution FTIR at Rikubetsu, Japan Tomoo Nagahama
#32 Solar FTIR Spectrometry of Atmospheric Ammonia above Garmisch and Zugspitze Hannah Sill
#33 Towards a new Paris NDACC-IRWG site Hao FU
#34 Trace gas retrieval from infrared emission spectroscopy in the Arctic Lukas Heizmann
#35 SO2 Retrievals from selected IRWG sites Omaira García
#36 A win-win success story: the HCHO and stratospheric NO2 TROPOMI/S5P validation using the FTIR ground-based network Corinne Vigouroux
#37 Open-Path FTIR to measure air-sea flux of N2O Aldona Wiacek