Jul 6 – 8, 2015
Brussels/Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Europe/Brussels timezone

The 7th International DOAS Workshop will be held from 6 to 8 July 2015 at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium. The workshop is dedicated to recent advances in the DOAS research, from instrumental and algorithmic developments to applications in various fields of atmospheric research. Contributions - oral and poster presentations - about the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • New concepts and related technologies (e.g. UAV's, Imaging DOAS, Cavity DOAS, 3D MAX-DOAS)

  • Progress in DOAS analysis (including spectral inversion and profiling techniques)

  • Aerosol and cloud applications (including their impact on trace gas retrieval)

  • Improvements in satellite retrievals in the perspective of new upcoming missions (e.g. S5P/TROPOMI)

  • Improvements in radiative transfer simulations

  • Synergistic use of observations from different platforms (e.g. ground-based, air-borne, from cars, balloons, satellites, ship-borne)

  • Geophysical applications (e.g. air pollution monitoring, stratospheric chemistry, halogen chemistry, network exploitation (e.g. NDACC, PANDORA), intercomparison campaigns (e.g. CINDI, MADCAT), models versus observations comparisons)

The abstract submission and registration deadlines are 30 April 2015 and 12 June 2015, respectively. Don't hesitate to forward this information to your colleagues!

Brussels/Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Grand Auditorium
Vautierstreet, 29 1000 Brussels Belgium +32 (0)2 627 42 11
Day1/Introduction_Talk: VanRoozendael.pptx
Day1/Session1: New Instrumental Concepts: 1.Platt_et_al.ppt
Day1/Session1: New Instrumental Concepts: 2.Kuhn_et_al.pdf
Day1/Session1: New Instrumental Concepts: 3.Qin_et_al.ppt
Day1/Session1: New Instrumental Concepts: 4.Griffith_et_al.pptx
Day1/Session1: New Instrumental Concepts: 5.Nasse_et_al.ppt
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 1.Beirle_et_al.pdf
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 2.Lampel_et_al.pptx
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 3.Volkamer_et_al.pptx
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 4.Sihler_et_al.pdf
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 5.Tiefengraber_et_al.pptx
Day1/Session2: Improved Retrievals: 6.Bigge_et_al.pdf
Day1/Session3: Aerosols and Clouds: 1.Wagner_et_al.ppt
Day1/Session3: Aerosols and Clouds: 2.Friess_et_al.pptx
Day1/Session3: Aerosols and Clouds: 3.Irie_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session1: Halogens: 1.Peterson_et_al.pdf
Day2/Session1: Halogens: 2.Poster_Roundup_Hoermann.pptx
Day2/Session1: Halogens: 2.Poster_Roundup_Lampel_Puentedura_Poehler.pptx
Day2/Session1: Halogens: 3.Bobrowski_et_al.pdf
Day2/Session2: Urban Applications I: 1.Zhou_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session2: Urban Applications I: 2.Schreier_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session2: Urban Applications I: 3.Poehler_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session2: Urban Applications I: 4.Xie_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session3: Urban Applications II: 1.Hendrick_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session3: Urban Applications II: 2.Wang_T_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session3: Urban Applications II: 3.Wang_Y_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session3: Urban Applications II: 4.Liu_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session3: Urban Applications II: 5.Borovski_et_al.pdf
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 1.Remmers_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 2.Wang_Y_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 3.Spinei_et_al.pdf
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 4.Meier_et_al.pptx
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 5.Merlaud_et_al.ppt
Day2/Session4: Airborne/Campaigns: 6.Kuhlmann_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 1.Alvarado_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 2.Theys_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 3.Marchenko_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 4.Anand_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 5.Barkley_et_al.pdf
Day3/Session1: Satellite Retrievals: 6.Huan_et_al_poster.pdf
Day3/Session2: Satellite Validation: 1.Kanaya_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session2: Satellite Validation: 2.Blechschmidt_et_al.pdf
Day3/Session2: Satellite Validation: 3.Gu_et_al.pptx
Day3/Session2: Satellite Validation: 4.Gil_et_al.ppt
Day3/Session3: 1.Discussion on future challenges in MAXDOAS: Friess.pptx
Day3/Session3: 2.Discussion on future challenges in imaging DOAS and cameras: Wagner.ppt
Day3/Session3: 3.Discussion on future challenges in mobile DOAS: Volkamer.pptx
Day3/Session3: 4.Discussion on future challenges in satellite DOAS: Richter.pptx